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New chaffing burner pot for chaffing dish. Thanks for looking
Described as sugar packet holders. There are 24 of them, 12 in each package. You could use them for anything. Crafting or mini storage bins, any like that. They are 3 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide and 2" deep.
Pretty good shape still. They'll need to be cleaned up some. 3 are the same size and the one in the upper left is a little larger. All for one price
I bought this for the price on the box, $19.97 and never used it. Everything is in there as it's supposed to be. It's still brand new (a couple years old), but never used even once. Thanks for looking.
Send me price and pic please
Hanger is to show sizes. Price is for all 4.
Two large elephants, two smaller ones and crib quilt. In Grey's and yellow.
Solid wood, to pick up by Friday morning latest


To pick up by Friday morning latest
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